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    Shaping you

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    School Assembly

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    Yoga Class

    SEED is a concern of Mathrubhoomi Daily and aims at molding the young minds to the need for the conservation of The Nature.

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J.J. Murphy Memorial Higher Secondary School Yendayar

John Joseph Murphy Memorial Higher Secondary School Yendayar is a Higher Secondary School located at Yendayar, Kottayam District, Kerala, India. The High School section started functioning in the year 1982 and was upgraded to Higher Secondary in 1998.The school is managed by J.J. Murphy Memorial High School Trust. Sri. Michael A. Kallivayalil is the Manager of the school. it was established in the name of Mr. J.J. Murphy (1872 - 1957) one of the most successful individual British planters in India.

JJMMHSS Wins The Championship At Erattupetta Subdistrict Sports Meet

JJMMHSS Yendar has won the sports championship at Erattupetta subdistrict sports meet by 80 points. We congratulate the sincere efforts of Alan Sir and the sports stars. 

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